Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Site Redesign

Took longer than expected to handle all the coding but the new features on the site are finished.

The most obvious is that the site is now a subscription service. Given the amount of bandwidth it takes we're eventually going to have to move to a dedicated server - which is very expensive. In order to continue the site needs to have funds. Our services are based on what other vintage sites offer and we attempt to offer more at a lower rate.

Other sites charge for low quality images with watermarks then charge an additional fee for each copy you want without the watermarks on them. The average fee is 5 dollars per unwatermarked picture. We offer higher quality images with less obtrusive watermarks now for a lower monthly charge.

We've added a download section for silver and gold subscribers where you can download 5 or 10 complete galleries, without watermarks, a month. Since the average gallery on the site is 50 images, thats anywhere from 250 to 500 images a month you can have for your use without the watermarks. Eventually we'll offer another level where you can download more than just 10 galleries but first we have to afford a dedicated server.

We've also enabled comments on the individual albums to encourage feed back on which styles of pictures people most like. Over the next year we intend on adding over 20 thousand nude images. The order we release them depends on what you want to see most.

Two new galleries added today, Bobbie Reynolds (from the video clip) and Jean Smyle.

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