Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dominique Prevot

One gallery added to the Retro Nude Models section (since it took longer than normal to sort and repair the pictures). Over 75 different pictures for the lovely Dominique Prevot AKA Misty Donovan. This should be a complete set from this series. More about it below.

It looks easy when the pictures are all lined up, but the sorting of the models and sets are extremely time consuming. When they're sorted it not only gives a better viewing experience but also helps minimize the amount of doubles on the site (with the exception of deliberate doubles as in this set - pictures printed at different times which have been cropped differently - some showing more of the background than others).

When the images aren't labeled in anyway, they have to be sorted first by model. From there they're sorted by the different sessions. With Dominique all the images seem to be from the same photo shoot but with closer examination you notice small things, how her clothes and jewelery change and how the furniture has been rearranged between the different sessions. Many of the pictures had also been printed with reverse negatives and had to be reverted to their proper state. This eye for detail takes a great deal of time but also makes it easier to find where new pictures fit and ensure the set is complete.

As a rule the cut off date for the site is the late 1950s but for a lovely model like this one an exception is made.

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