Friday, March 25, 2011

New Models Added

New galleries for Gustave Pellet and Super under the vintage section. Retro models now has galleries for Joan Ward, Marian Mellet, Marianne Bonner, Odessa Otley.

It's taken some time to sort the images but the retro section will now expanded with more frequency. The goal with the retro will be the same as the vintage section, to provide the most organized collection with the highest possible quality scans. If there's been a model from the 50s that you found an image that you like of and always wanted to see more, chances are there are more pictures of her and we'll be doing our best to provide them. Today marks the third such gallery added - a collection of Odessa Otley pictures that can't be found anywhere else. She joins Dee Thomas and Helene Normand as having galleries that are unique to the Vintage Archive. More models to come.

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